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Δισκογραφική Εταιρία
Ravensbury Records

Λονδίνο, Οκτώβριος 2018

Τόπος ηχογράφησης
St Alphage, Burnt Oak

Νίκος Σπανάτης, κόντρα τενόρος
Ελένη Κεβεντσίδου, όργανο

Ηχοληψία - παραγωγή
Steve Garnett

2018 - 10 - 24 CD recording

Ludovico Viadana (1560-1627)
“Exaudi me Domine”

Pelham Humfrey (1647- 1674)
“A Hymn to God the Father”

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Triosonata in C major BWV 529

Alessandro Grandi (1586 - 1630)
“Cantabo Domino”

Alessandro Grandi (1586 - 1630)
“O quam to pulchra est”

Dietrich Buxtehude (1637–1707)
“Jubilate Domino” *

Arvo Pärt (1935 - )
“My Heart's in the Highlands”

Max Reger (1873-1916)
Praeludium in d-moll, Op. 65

Giorgos Koumentakis (1959 – )
"The Murderess" 

2018 - 08 - 06 Lahti1

Lahti Organ International Organ Festival
Αύγουστος 2018

ESS, Jari Pitkänen | Φινλανδία

[…] Η Ελένη Κεβεντσίδου είναι μία πολύ ενδιαφέρουσα μουσικός. Η ερμηνεία της είναι ιδιαιτέρως εκλεπτυσμένη και καθαρή. Τα σπουδαιότερα σημεία του προγράμματος της ήταν τα έργα του Reger. Η σειρά των δώδεκα θρησκευτικών τραγουδιών “Bitte um einen seligen Tod” αποδόθηκε με μία ωραία ερμηνεία με σαφείς και ποικίλους χρωματισμούς. […] Στο έργο του Reger «Improvisation, Allegro con brio» η Ελένη Κεβεντσίδου ανακάλυψε το χαρακτηριστικό σπασμό του συνθέτη, αλλά και τις πιο ευαίσθητες πτυχές του, «χτίζοντας» μια πολύ εντυπωσιακή ερμηνεία. […]

O Νίκος Σπανάτης διαθέτει μια κρυστάλλινη φωνή κόντρα τενόρου, την οποία χειρίζεται με ευελιξία, δύναμη και με ευρείες αποχρώσεις. Για παράδειγμα, το τραγούδι του σκωτσέζικου ποιήματος «My Heart's in the Highlands» του Arvo Pärt ήταν ένα εξαιρετικό παράδειγμα χρήσης διαφορετικών ηχοχρωμάτων και υψηλής φωνητικής τεχνικής. […]


Dietrich Buxtehude (1637–1707)
“Jubilate Domino”
Ibrahim Aziz villa da gamba
Ibrahim Aziz, viola da gamba
Ibrahim Aziz was born in Malaysia and began music lessons when he was eight. In 1999 he went to Trinity College of Music London to study the viola da gamba under Alison Crum. During his studies he was also privately taught by Sarah Cunningham, and attended various master classes in the UK and Europe given by Jordi Savall and Wieland Kuijken. He is the recipient of many awards and prizes: while at Trinity he became the first winner of their Early Music Prize, and was the first person in the college’s history to win its prestigious Gold Medal on a period instrument over all other mainstream instrumentalists. Mr Aziz now divides his time performing and teaching. He plays with a number of period groups and ensembles in the UK and abroad, most notably Sestina Consort, Charivari Agreable and The Maresienne Consort, with whom he has recorded for Signum Classics. He is a member of the internationally acclaimed Rose Consort Consort of Viols. As a young player he recently helped found ‘Chelys’, a young professional viol consort based in the UK. Mr Aziz is the viol tutor at Morley College, London, and regularly teaches at The Dartington International Summer School, The Benslow Early Music Courses, The Ascot (and Irish) Early Music Courses, among others. Recent engagements include appearances in concerts at the City of London Festival, The York Early Music Festival, Italy, Ireland and on BBC Radio 3's In Tune with Sean Rafferty. Forthcoming events include performances in Switzerland, at the Brighton Festival, Greenwich International Early Music Festival, The Snape Maltings concert hall in Aldeburgh, and a broadcast on the Early Music Show on BBC Radio 3 with The Rose Consort of Viols. Mr. Aziz plays a seven-string bass viola da gamba by Jane Julier after Nicholas Bertrand, and a treble viola da gamba by Kazuya Sato. " Visit website for more information. (ed.)

Mozart Ascanio "Al mio ben"
Brussels Virtuosi Orchestra

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Gluck Orfeo "Ahime..Che farò"
Musica Vitae & Tiberiu Soare

IMG 5020 b

Mozart Mitridate "Venga pur"
Athens State Orchestra

2012 - 09 CARMINA D

Händel Partenope "Furibondo"
Glasperlenspiel Sinfonietta

2014 - 12 - 15 Esthonoi 1

Händel Serse "Ombra mai fu"
Baroque Ensemble

IMG 5069

Koumendakis "Hedda Gabler"
Baroque Ensemble

2017 - 10 - 12 Rethymno Melacholia 1

Gounod "Serenade"
Dimitris Yakas, piano

original 5

Barber "Un Cygne"
Dimitris Yakas, piano

2018 - 10 - 13 Brussels Thessaloniki 2

Monteverdi "Oblivion soave"
Effi Minakoulis, theorbo

IMG 5020 b

Philip Glass "Akhnaten"
Dimitris Yakas, piano

original 6

Pergolesi Stabat Mater
Camerata Ensemble

IMG 5339

Britten Oberon's aria
Greek Opera Studio

IMG 5257 b

Nyman "if"
Sound Recording

8. Michael Nyman If from The Diary of Anne Frank



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