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15th Spring Organ Series 2018

Wednesday 4th April 2018, 20.30

Artistic direction: Christina Antoniadou

St Paul’s Anglican Church

Christina Antoniadou, organ (Greece (GR))

Nikos Spanatis, contratenor (Greece (GR))

With the collaboration of ‘Thomas Tamvakos Archive of Greek Classical Composers’

Hymns and Dithyrambs

Basilica di Santa Maria del Coro February 2018 Antoniadou Spanatis
(Photo: Basilica de Santa Maria, February 2018,
Nikos Spanatis & Christina Antoniadou, San Sebastián, Spain)

An original concert with works of Greek composers written exclusively fororgan and voice, from the 17th to the 21st century performed for the first time worldwide or in Greece. The concert will be introduced by the music writer, critic and researcher Thomas Tamvakos.



Δημήτριος Αγαθίδης (Dimitrios Agathides) (1828-1886) Basso no.12

Γεωργία Ταγγίρη (Georgia Tangires) (γεν./b. 1931)

Christos Anesti- (Χριστός Ανέστη)

Γκαετάνο Γκρέκο (Gaetano Greco) (1657-1728)

Τuoni Ecclesiastici

Σκαρλάτος Φωτεινός (Scarlat Fotino) (1894-1942)

Méditation pour orgue

Παναγιώτης Θεοδοσίου (Panagiotis Theodosiou) (γεν./b. 1964)

Recitativo, Ostinato and Toccata

Μάρκος Σοφιανόπουλος (Marco Sofianopoulo) (1952-2014)


Μάχος Παπαδόπουλος (Boris Papandopulo) (1906-1991)

Preludij za orgulje

Κώστας Νικολαΐδης (Costas Nicolaidis) (γεν./b. 1947)

Prayer II

πρίγκηψ Ιωάννης Καρατζάς (Prince Joan Caradja) (1835-1894)

Agnus Dei, op. 17

Κωνσταντίνος Κ(Χ)αρικιόπουλος (Const. Carikiopoulo) (1859-1935)

Allegro moderato

Ιωάννης Σινόπουλος-Ουίλσον (John Sinopoulo-Wilson) (γεν./b. 1944)

Επιλογή από τα Ancient Hellenic Processions

Dithyramb of Dionysus

Hymn to Apollo

Procession of Pallas Athens

Ζώρζ Αθανασιάδης (Georges Athanasiadès) (γεν./b. 1929)

Suite pour un grand orgue




Μάρκος Σοφιανόπουλος (Marco Sofianopulo)

Επιλογή από τα 9 Nove Spirituals
1. He never said 2. Michael Rows 3. Wade in de water 9. When the Saints

Tickets: 12 euros Information/ Tickets:
39 Panepistimou Avenue Stoa Pesmatzoglou, Athens
Online purchase: www.ticketservices.gr
Tel.: 210 7234567 Organized by: Specs’n’Arts

Production: Arte Atene
Media sponsors: ERT,
The Third Radio Programme

Christina Antoniadou
Christina Antoniadou
, organ Greece (GR)

Christina Antoniadou received her earliest music training and diplomas in Athens, studying the piano, trumpet and theoretical lessons. As a scholar of the Friends of Music Association, she studied the organ at the Athens Concert Hall. She graduated from the Royal Academy of Music, the University of London and the Royal Conservatory of Scotland with BMus, MMus and LRAM. She has performed as a soloist and also as an accompanist in great festivals and venues all over Europe. Christina is the founder and artistic director of the Spring Organ Series (SOS). The SOS holds a European distinction from the European Festivals

Association for the quality of its concerts and it is unique in Greece. She is the organist and music director of St. Paul's Anglican Church in Athens. She teaches the organ at the ATHENAEUM International Arts Center and Conservatory as well as at the Kodály Conservatory. She is a member of the Japanese drum group Atene Daiko-Drums of the Sun, while her recent studies in film therapy have led her to the EAR Interactive Ritual Playback Theater - D. Magiou.

5 2017Thomas Tamvakos
Music writer-critic-researcher-archivist
Emeritus member of Greek Composers Union
•    Creator/founder and owner of the “THOMAS TAMVAKOS’ ARCHIVE OF GREEK CLASSICAL COMPOSERS” (since 1980) in which is included material for 4600 (approx.) Greek and Greek-heritage classical composers, since 9th century up to nowadays.
•    Music writer-journalist-critic-reseacher in various music-art magazines and newspapers.
•    Producer of radio transmissions for classical and jazz music.
•    Producer of CD recordings and editions.
•    Lecturer in various art events, congresses, concerts, etc.
•    Music concerts' organizer for music of Greek classical composers.
•    Organizer of several big exhibitions and concerts in various Greek cities with material from “ARCHIVE”.
•    Basic collaborator in the huge 7th volumes “LEXICON OF GREEK6 12 2017
MUSIC” (edited by GIALELIS EDITIONS) and in other edited music editions.
•    Founder of music ensemble 'KELADOS' (voice-oboe-cello-piano) and ‘FILODOS’ (4 voices) with repertoire of Greek contemporary music, presenting in various concerts and tributes.
•    Co-writer of “HELLENES COMPOSERS OF THRACE” in Greek (2014) and in English (2017) with G. Constantzos and Th. Trikoupis which edited at Alexandroupolis.
•    Writer of book “SP. SAMARAS’ COMPLETED DISCOGRAPHY (1904-2016) which edited at Alexandroupolis (2017).
•    Member of several Music Societies in Greece and abroad.
Due to these activities he became (in order of honour to him) Emeritus Member of Artistic Forum of Greek Composers (2000), of Greek Composers Union (2003) and other. He also get several distinctions like these from Music Dept. of Aristotle University of Thessalonica (2017) and from Society of Music Teachers of East Macedonia/Thrace (2012).

Händel Rodelinda "Vivi Tiranno"
Cyclades Festival Orchestra


Mozart Ascanio "Al mio ben"
Brussels Virtuosi Orchestra

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Händel Rinaldo "Cara Sposa"
Cyclades Festival Orchestra


Gluck Orfeo "Ahime..Che farò"
Musica Vitae & Tiberiu Soare

IMG 5020 b

Mozart Mitridate "Venga pur"
Athens State Orchestra

2012 - 09 CARMINA D

Händel Partenope "Furibondo"
Glasperlenspiel Sinfonietta

2014 - 12 - 15 Esthonoi 1

Händel Serse "Ombra mai fu"
Baroque Ensemble

IMG 5069

Koumendakis "Hedda Gabler"
Baroque Ensemble

2017 - 10 - 12 Rethymno Melacholia 1

Gounod "Serenade"
Dimitris Yakas, piano

original 5

Barber "Un Cygne"
Dimitris Yakas, piano

2018 - 10 - 13 Brussels Thessaloniki 2

Monteverdi "Oblivion soave"
Effi Minakoulis, theorbo

IMG 5020 b

Philip Glass "Akhnaten"
Dimitris Yakas, piano

original 6

Pergolesi Stabat Mater
Camerata Ensemble

IMG 5339

Britten Oberon's aria
Greek Opera Studio

IMG 5257 b

Nyman "if"
Sound Recording

8. Michael Nyman If from The Diary of Anne Frank

Pook "With Wand'ring Steps
F. Karayiannopoulos, guitars




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