2018 - 02 - 04 San Sebastian  BASILICA DE SANTA MARIA

2018 - 02 - 04 San Sebastian2

Nikos Spanatis
, countertenor
Christina Antoniadou, organ


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Sunday 4th February 2018


Totally connected with the serene atmosphere of the Basilica of Saint Mary of Coro, the program starts with a staggering prayer and at the same time a dramatic appeal to God’s mercy and help, described in “Exaudi me, Domine” (Hear me Lord) by Lodovico da Viadana, followed by “Cantabo Domino” (, work by Alessandro Grandi, one of the most inventive, influential and popular composers of Early Baroque era in Northern Italy. Subsequently, the voice gives its place to the solo magic of the organ performing No 8- Air και No 9- Gavotte from 12 Short Pieces for organ written by composer and organ virtuoso Samuel Wesley. Religious atmosphere returns with “A hymn to God the Father” by Pelham Humfrey, based on a poem written by poet and clergyman John Donne, in which he asks the Lord for the remission of his sins and a place in Heaven for him and his son. Well-known aria “Crown the altar” by Henry Purcell from Queen Mary's Birthday Song 1693 'Celebrate this Festival' follows, in order to be succeeded by “Sicilienne” by Louis Vierne from 24 pièces de fantaisie, a work the pieces of which can be found in the repertoire of all virtuosos of the organ. And from the devout religious atmosphere, we pass to Johan Sebastian Bach's tender aria “Bist du bei mir”, dedicated to his second wife Anna Magdalena, with striking lyrics such as “O how joyous would my end be, If your fair hands would close my faithful eyes”. In a similar mood, Alessandro Grandi’s “Ο quam tu pulchra es”, which follows, is a hymn to the beauty of his beloved girl, enthusiastically comparing her physical characteristics with elements of nature. Short before some Greek “flavor” is added to the program, Zsolt Gárdonyi's short organ piece “Mozart Changes” will be performed, a work composed for the 1995 "OK MOZART" International Festival in Bartlesville, which departs from the theme of the finale of Mozart's last piano sonata in D major, K. 576, and treats it to changes using elements of jazz. Finally, Greek element is powerfully introduced with Cinq mélodies populaires grecques by Maurice Ravel, pieces that are highly adored by singers and pianists all over the world, which will leave a vague Mediterranean flavor, as they have been inspired by music tradition of continental and island Greece, as well as the popular Greek music genre of Rebetico. The parts of the work, which will all be performed in Greek language, are “Ksipnise petroperdika” (Marriage folk song, sung to the bride), “Yonder, near the church” (Song from Chios island), “What gallant can compare with me?” (Rebetico song), “M’ angelos ise matia mou?” (Love song of the lentisk gatherers in Chios), Yarubi (Merry and lively urban song and dance from Smyrna).


Lodovico da Viadana (1564- 1627)
Exaudi me, Domine
Alessandro Grandi (1590- 1630)
Cantabo Domino
Samuel Wesley (1766-1837)
12 Short Pieces for organ
No 8- Air & No 9- Gavotte
Pelham Humfrey (1647-1674)
A hymn to God the Father
Henry Purcell (1659-1695)
Crown the altar
Louis Vierne (1870-1937)
II. Sicilienne from Pièces de Fantaisie- 2me Suite
J.S.Bach (1685-1750)
Bist du bei mir, BWV 508
Alessandro Grandi (1590- 1630)
O quam tu pulchra es
Zsolt Gárdonyi (b. 1946)
Mozart changes
Maurice Ravel (1875-1937)
Cinq mélodies populaires grecques
Πέντε Ελληνικές Λαϊκές Μελωδίες
- Ξύπνησε πετροπέρδικα (Chanson de la mariée) Modéré
- Κάτω στον Άγιο Σίδερο (Là-bas, vers l'église) Andante
- Ποιός ασίκης σαν και μένα (Quel galant m'est comparable) Allegro
- Μ´άντζελος είσαι, μάτια μου (Chanson des cueilleuses de lentisques) Lento
- Γιαρούμπι (Σμυρνέικο) (Tout gai!) Allegro

Händel Rodelinda "Vivi Tiranno"
Cyclades Festival Orchestra


Mozart Ascanio "Al mio ben"
Brussels Virtuosi Orchestra

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Händel Rinaldo "Cara Sposa"
Cyclades Festival Orchestra


Gluck Orfeo "Ahime..Che farò"
Musica Vitae & Tiberiu Soare

IMG 5020 b

Mozart Mitridate "Venga pur"
Athens State Orchestra

2012 - 09 CARMINA D

Händel Partenope "Furibondo"
Glasperlenspiel Sinfonietta

2014 - 12 - 15 Esthonoi 1

Händel Serse "Ombra mai fu"
Baroque Ensemble

IMG 5069

Koumendakis "Hedda Gabler"
Baroque Ensemble

2017 - 10 - 12 Rethymno Melacholia 1

Gounod "Serenade"
Dimitris Yakas, piano

original 5

Barber "Un Cygne"
Dimitris Yakas, piano

2018 - 10 - 13 Brussels Thessaloniki 2

Monteverdi "Oblivion soave"
Effi Minakoulis, theorbo

IMG 5020 b

Philip Glass "Akhnaten"
Dimitris Yakas, piano

original 6

Pergolesi Stabat Mater
Camerata Ensemble

IMG 5339

Britten Oberon's aria
Greek Opera Studio

IMG 5257 b

Nyman "if"
Sound Recording

8. Michael Nyman If from The Diary of Anne Frank

Pook "With Wand'ring Steps
F. Karayiannopoulos, guitars




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